FT-950 Panadapter with Gqrx (Linux)

Since it’s very easy to tap the IF on my Yaesu FT-950 (http://www.tarapippo.net/gnuradio/ft950.html) , i wanted a Panadapter for it.

The process was straight forward, but there is no Software for Linux supporting to read the VFO frequency from my FT-950 and show it on the waterfall.

Gqrx is a well-known and simple SDR-Software for Linux, but it also hasn’t the features needed to get the VFO-frequency from the TRX – but it has a Telnet-Server which accepts commands (we need to set the LNB LO).
Also, don’t forget to check “Swap I/Q” in GQRX, as the FT-950 sends the spectrum inverted.

So i wrote a small program in FreeBasic which polls the frequency from the TRX and sets Gqrx to the right frequency.

The GitHub-Repository of ft950gqrx: https://github.com/46eh01/ft950gqrx

Dependencies for the program is only TSNE v3 (https://www.freebasic-portal.de/porticula/tsnev3-bi-1826.html). In the download-package, the dependencies, source-code and compiled program (linux x64) is included.
You can also compile it yourself for Windows and MacOS(X).

The program ca also be adjusted to other Transceivers – you can easily change the CAT-Commands and IF Frequency in the source code and compile it again.


In upcoming releases, it will be possible to set a Frequency in Gqrx and the TRX will also be set to this frequency.

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